While we do believe our Spectral.DNC-N to be superior due to our more complete formulation, we do not claim to be "better" than other companies' products. We offer an alternative to different types of Minoxidil products. These particular products can be quite effective for many and in fact, we have had countless requests over the years to bring about our own version of Minoxidil, which is why we created Spectral.UHP.

However, for some, there are unpleasant side effects that make Minoxidil impossible to use whether it is our own product or another brand’s. Our Nanoxidil products contain several active ingredients in addition to the Nanoxidil, each as important as the next. For some, the combination of these ingredients make all of the difference. Additionally, many cannot tolerate the side effects of Minoxidil and are unable to use it (hence the inception of the Nanoxidil).

What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. There is a lot of variance from person to person when it comes to a complex issue such as hair loss. Sometimes it is necessary to try several different products in order to find the best regimen for an individual. If you have additional questions or need a personalized product recommendation, you can schedule a consultation with one of our product advisors here: Schedule Appointment with DS Laboratories (acuityscheduling.com)

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