Spectral.BRD: Incorporates Nanoxidil's powerful effects into a formula intended to be used on your face to stimulate your beard. Spectral.BRD offers an integrated approach in reducing patchiness and improving the even coverage of your facial hair. For a thicker and fuller beard, we have combined the most effective, clinically proven ingredients to create a serum that promotes fuller density, stimulate growth, and improves facial hair quality.

One of the main ingredients in the Spectral BRD is Caffeine (DHT Blocker), which counteracts the testosterone-enhanced TGF-beta2 protein, which regulates (suppresses) the growth and division of cells while enhancing the intrafollicular IGF-1 protein, which stimulates follicular development. The topical application of caffeine promotes follicular penetration and stimulates facial and scalp hair growth. Furthermore, it is the combination of ingredients and structured formula that make up this spectral that are responsible for enhancing and stimulating beard growth.

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