If you are finding that you are accumulating product or are receiving it too frequently, you have several options when modifying your subscription.

Edit Frequency: You are able to change the amount of days between each shipment of your subscription. For example, A subscription is defaulted to either 28 days or 90 day increments. You are more than welcome to change this amount at any time, to the amount of days you would like. We do recommend a renewing a few days before your product is depleted so that you never run out or interrupt your treatment awaiting a package in the mail.

Change next Order Date: If you find that you missed a few treatments this month or you have used more product than directed, you may edit your next order date to renew sooner or later.

Skip Next Order Date: You are able to skip however many months you would like, and you will not be billed until the following month.

Pause: You can pause your Subscription at any time, for as long as you would like. There are no limits or penalties and you will not be charged until you reactivate.

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