Hello, we have done extensive testing as to the safety of the product on humans, and it has proven to be safe due to the specific make up of ingredients. It is our belief that the product is not hazardous to animals, however we do not have research specifically to authenticate this assertion, as DS Laboratories does not believe in animal testing. What is safe for humans, in any industry, may be potentially fatal to animals. It is not sold as a product for animals, so based on the ingredients provided, It is our recommendation to ask your veterinarian if there are any listed ingredients that they feel may be potentially hazardous, in their experience.

To our knowledge currently, the product is safe, however we do not recommend allowing any product residue to come into contact with your pet’s mouth or body or applying the product to your pet. To minimize residue, it is suggested that the customer apply the treatment at least one hour before bed and to wash their hands their hands thoroughly after each application. This allows sufficient time for the medication to be absorbed into the scalp. You can also take the extra precaution of changing your pillowcase frequently, even daily, if you wish.

Should your pet accidentally touch your treatment, we would advise washing the paw or fur immediately to remove any residue, and keep a close eye on them for about 24 hours to see if they are affected at all. It is also advised to store your hair loss treatment safely, perhaps in a locked cupboard.

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