We have a very open and transparent sales and marketing initiatives. We do not offer money-back guarantees, nor make promises when it comes to our products. Why?

Because when it comes to issues like hair loss, there are no cures, only treatments that with consistent use and using the right products, can help prevent and delay hair loss as well as stimulate hair growth.

Our products are backed by top dermatologist and clinically proven to work through different dermatology studies throughout the years as well as thousands of customer reviews through the web. You'll see they've worked for a majority of customers, but of course not everyone reacts to treatments the same way, so naturally some people will not be satisfied.

We always do everything we can to answer questions and make sure you get the right products for the results you're looking for.

Always feel free to speak with a customer experience professional about which product is best for you or also use our product finder to find the best products for you: https://dslaboratories.com/pages/product-finder

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